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Himup getting first place as best patbingsu


Posting a black and white vid of themselves making music: it’s a banghim thing :)

Himchan playing guitar ♥

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I was having a very emotional night so I decided to rewatch some B.A.P shows (because they never fail to make smile). I was already at the end of the 2nd ep of Ta-Dah and I totally forgot that this was the episode where this happened:Now i’m a mess because even though it’s not my first time seeing this, it still hurts me everytime. This reminded me again of why I am in this fandom and why everything’s worth it for these six dorks. 

I’ve been seeing quite a lot of frustrated rants everywhere. I wanna share this to everyone so that we can be reminded of how much they’re working hard for us, and how much they love us. I know it’s hard, but that’s part of the struggle of supporting and giving back their love. We’re the source of their energies, babys. We can do this. Just keep the faith. <3